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Alessandro De La Torre with Colored Background from alefyi.com

I'm Alessandro, and I've helped agencies and companies leverage digital media to grow their impact. Check out my work and let's talk everything about Gen-Z, marketing, and product!

— Here's what I'm currently up to:
 • Prepping [internet company] in getting acquired🤝
 • Growth-hacking companies with 77Labs 📈
 • Tracking social trends for Deloitte 📲
 • Finding the top tech to showcase to the UNDP 🤖
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— Résumé snapshot

Media Strategy
Jun 2021 - Present
Heading creating media campaign proposals, intended for execution Q1 of 2022. Primarily, these campaigns impact those within the Gen-Z bubble.
Product Manager
Jul 2021 - Present
I manage and grow student influencer accounts ranging from 10,000 to 10million+ by creating new avenues for brand partnerships.
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