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I'm a product engineer based in Los Angeles, California. I've helped build projects that have impacted millions of people around the world, and I hope to continue doing so. If you're building something great or would just like to chat, I'd love to hop on a call.




Developed and built out the infrastructure in a Firebase backend with a mobile app visually built out with Flutter, using the FlutterFlow platform.

May 2022

Product Manager


Frank Advice

Outlined and managed rollout of the development plan for iOS.


Product Manager



Built and oversaw the logic, development workflows for the mobile application.


Influencer Outreach


Quizlet Students

I was tasked with outreaching to various college-aged influencers on Quizlet's capabilities ot increase brand awareness.

May - Jul 2021

Influencer Outreach



I led an influencer hunt for Pearson+ and their new enterprise software, Pearson+.

Sep 2021

Influencer Manager



I aided in a US and CAN based promotional campaign for Society6 with a varied set of influencers!

June, August 2021

Campaign Coordinator


Honk App

I coordinated and executed a promotional TikTok and Instagram Reels campaign for Honk!

July 2021

Content Coordinator


ASA Futurescape

I coordinated and executed a TikTok campaign for ASA!

Aug 2021

Social Media Manager


Global Citizen

I was tasked to discover the best avenues to portray the "Safer at Home" initiative that encompassed the various minority groups in the United States, and propagated campaigns that reached a total of 500 million impressions.

2020, Jan - Jun

Media Strategy



This position perscribed me to the A-Zs of social media: curating initiatives and content that followers and people who aligned with the UN's identity would appreciate. Alongside the creation of content, curation with popular collaboration with celebrities was a personal inclusion to the long journey the Social Development Goals have ahead.

July 2020 - March 2021

California-Arizona State Fellow


Everytown for Gun Safety

As a fellow, I recruit volunteers to increase voter turnout in the Phoenix and Tuscon areas by educating eligible voters on the second amendment policy.

2020 Jun - Sept

Advisory Board Member



Placement on the Advisory Board grants me with the ability to refine initiatives and messages into a Gen-Z perspective. This perspective grants me a deeper insight into discovering the best avenues to communicate with teens on the messages and missions they care about most.

2020 Dec - 2021 Mar

Contract Influencer



Alongside other influencers, we created a campaign promoting Recoop's new product made to combat ADHD with new supplements. At the end of this campaign, I garnered over +200,000 impressions to the products.

2020, August

Contract Influencer



Alongside other TikTok influencers, I created a reaction campaign to garner hype around a new product created by NUGGS: the first ever vegan nuggets and simultaneously the spiciest nuggets on earth. I totaled to over +300,000 impressions.

2020, November

Marketing Coordinator


Knoyo Tutoring

COVID-19 has brought to light numerous challenges in the area of education. With the abrupt switch to online learning last spring and uncertain times regarding how students will learn moving forward, we realize some supplementary study options are necessary. Knoyo was created with these needs specifically in mind, and we’re here to help however we can.

2021, Jan - March

Founder, Partnerships Lead



Coalesce For is a civic nonprofit organization that provides young people with the knowledge to vote and hold a stake in the issues of our generation.

2019 - Now

Co-Founder, Media Manager



Scholarcash is an initiative co-created by the United Nations Foundation and I in partnership with UN Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield. The initiative is aimed at alleviating student loan debt by educating and providing scholarship opportunities: free for everyone.

2020 - Now

Digital Media Manager


United Nations

I work on finding relevant and engaging creatives that can relay the initiatives of the Social Development Goals to Generation Z. (12-24 year-olds) I connect voices such as Pharell and Serena Williams to audiences of over 20 million to spread the SDG mission.

2020 - now

Gen-Z Media Lead


2028 Olympics

I brainstormed and created inclusive campaigns that would stay relevant to Generation Z for the next decade to come. I was a team lead who created the infinitely changing logo for LA28, defying a singular identity.

2017 March - 2020 Nov

Social Media Marketer



As the first marketer for this early-stage company, I created a gameplan and hotspot roadmap for the next 6 months. I helped Bold become the scholarship platform with the highest traffic in North America before 2021.

2020, March - Dec

Los Angeles Media Lead


Biden-Harris Campaign

I was tasked with organizing fellows in Los Angeles County to canvas others to vote for Joe Biden on November 7th. I leveraged the California Democratic Party's 31,000 followers to create virtual recruitment events, leading to 5,000 registered voters.

2020, July - Nov

Social Media Lead


Unilever Global

I led a team to revamp Unilever's social media presence in becoming a prime contender against its competitors' digital footprints. This targeted their Instagram primarily; doubling their following to 50,000 followers and counting.

2020, May - Nov

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