— What's up!

Alessandro De La Torre with beige background from alefyi.com

I'm Alessandro, a Developer and PM based in Los Angeles. Check out my work and let's talk everything about Web3, marketing, and product mgmt!

— Here's what I'm currently up to:
 • Social analytics for Deloitte 📲
 • Trust funds from Web3 with Lightbeam
 • Highlighting tech for the UNDP 🤖

— Resume snapshot

Media Strategy
Jun 2021 - Present
Heading creating media campaign proposals, intended for execution Q1 of 2022. Primarily, these campaigns impact those within the Gen-Z bubble.
Product Manager
Jul 2021 - Present
I manage and grow student influencer accounts ranging from 10,000 to 10million+ by creating new avenues for brand partnerships.

— Recent projects

Click here to check out my current updates on Polywork!