Hi again,

I'm an LA based product engineer focused on finding and filling in the _____.  

About me

I am a Los Angeles native working as a product engineer. My job task is pretty simple, be protean. I design user-centric software, and know the best tech stack to develop it, while keeping in mind how to market it. It's basically the corporate title of an in-house startup starter.

Here's an example: I want a really good software to garner high school teens in the US. I'd want to use TikTok as the main funnel for users to download a Swift based scholarship/meetup app on the iOS store. It's because most teens in the US have iPhones so it would be the most familiar UI. It's because TikTok and IG Reels are the largest time grabbers for Gen Alpha. It's because relations between constant exposure points (friends, school) convert best.

Recent Experience


Consolidated Hidaku Studio, Apollo Builds, Rehost, & Draftpixel into one company: Ozone. Building a unifying experience for all of these great products into one superproduct: Ozone.


Building + maintaining new digital products from visual design and frontend to idempotency, data modeling, and backend microservices to companies like Uniliever and Luxxotica.


I created, delegated, and executed media campaigns that exemplified the UN's missions per annual quarter.


Initially part of Bernie's 2020 team, I organized corporate partnership events within Los Angeles County to canvass Angelenos to cast their vote for Joe Biden on November 7th.